The necronomicon gamebook, cover


Back on Kickstarter after the great success of The Necronomicon Gamebook – Dagon, be ready to face the horrors told by Ambrose BierceRobert W. Chambers e Howard P. Lovecraft in the second and last chapter of this interactive adventure: The Necronomicon Gamebook – Carcosa

Here the list of the famous classic stories that have been adapted in this nightmarish gamebook:
Ambrose Bierce – An Inhabitant of Carcosa (1893)
Robert W. Chambers – The Repairer of Reputations, The Yellow Sign in The King in Yellow (1895)
Howard P. Lovecraft – Nyarlathotep (1920)
Howard P. Lovecraft – What the Moon Brings (1923)
Howard P. Lovecraft – The Whisperer in Darkness (1930)
Howard P. Lovecraft – The Haunter of the Dark (1935)

The stories were adapted by the award-winning graphic novel and boardgame creator Valentino Sergi, with the consultancy of Sarah Jane Webb, linguist and translator of the volume, in order to allow you an interactive immersion in the nightmares of these horror masters, by using a narration with paths where, armed with a die and a pencil, you will travel through the streets of old towns, scary cemeteries and unknown dreamlands, facing monstrous creatures, exploring nightmarish territories and crossing the border that divides dream from reality. Will you be able to defeat the Yellow King, saving humanity from a gruesome fate, or will you just go crazy? 

The gameplay is a fusion of some great Adventure Gamebook classics, the latest evolution of the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, equipped with mechanics, fightings and enigmas. For the development of The Necronomicon Gamebook – Carcosa, we have been inspired by Joe Dever and Herbie Brennan to provide a new game system, but faithful to the tradition, where you will have to use a six-sided die and an adventure sheet, as well as to collect weapons and items that will be needed to face trials and enemies, or to reveal secret paragraphs. The Necronomicon Gamebook – Carcosa has got a unique formula that stands out from other titles because it guarantees the reader a truly immersion by adapting the best game mechanics to the narration. 

THE KICKSTARTER LIMITED EDITION  A real leather slip-cover with The Necronomicon Gamebook – Dagon The Necronomicon Gamebook – Carcosa  Hardcover edition, signed and numbered!

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