The Divine Comedy Roleplaying Game – Kickstarter starts on March 23th 

The gate of Hell is about to open once again…

On the occasion of the seven-hundredth anniversary of the passing of Dante Alighieri (1321-2021) and after the international success of Brancalonia, the spaghetti fantasy role-playing game, Acheron Games announces the crowdfunding campaign for Inferno – Dante’s Guide to Hell, the first Dante-based setting for the 5th edition of the most played RPG in the world. The work consists of two manuals created by Two Little Mice, a team well known to the public in the field for titles such as Broken Compass and Household, winner of the Lucca Comics & Games Role Play of the Year award in 2019. Officina Meningi is following the marketing campaign and the video making.

In Inferno, players are all Lost Souls, living beings forced to enter Hell for some reason and complete their journey to the Last Door, the only exit, before losing their Hope.

They could come from any world or plane and, of course, from our Earth, but when they enter Hell they will appear with a unique shape, forged mainly by their virtues and sins in an otherworldly aspect.

They are alive and could remain alive throughout the journey, as Dante was in his, but Hell itself, with its demons, damned souls and dangers, will try to capture and enslave them forever.

Thus, the main challenge of the Lost Soul is not to face and defeat the damned and the monsters, but to maintain their path and their Hope during the journey.

They cannot die there. They cannot be defeated. They cannot lose their way to the Last Gate.

But they could despair, fail and be damned forever.


Inferno is composed of 2 volumes:

° Dante’s Guide to Hell, the “Player’s Handbook”, which includes character creation, rules and an in-depth description of Hell itself.

° Virgilio’s Untold Tales is at the same time the “Game Master’s Guide” and the “Monster Manual”, with adventures, dangers, special equipment, an entire complete campaign to play and the bestiary, along with a more detailed description of the Inferno as a sandbox, allowing the players to replay Dante’s circles of Hell indefinitely, just like self-respecting damned.

Inferno features 12 brand new archetypes with a level 1-20 progression, very similar to common 5th Edition classes. Each of them is a philological combination of traits, powers and suggestions directly inspired by Dante’s words.

There are no regular races in Inferno, but you can customize the basic (and suggested) origin of the Lost, to obtain different traits, backgrounds and characteristics.

Other main setting rules are Hope, the most important resource, and Infernal Emblems, the legacy equipment of the Lost.

“We have been working for three years to complete this project, our Inferno is not just a hell-themed setting, but a unique and unforgettable experience. We have studied the original poem for years and brought every monster, phenomenon, environmental effect, situation and danger of Dante’s masterpiece back into the game to allow players to have a complete and philologically correct experience of each Canto.” – Two Little Mice

The crowdfunding campaign will start on March 23 and it is already possible to pre-register at this link:

From the Kickstarter page it will also be possible to download the Quickstarter Set, which contains a general presentation of the game and the setting, the pre-generated characters, the map and a complete adventure.

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