XENOSCAPE is a RPG in which you will be called to play the part of the dominant Species of a distant future, engaged in the struggle for survival. 

Produced by Tin Hat Games and created by the authors of #UrbanHeroes, Xenoscape is an ambitious game that defies traditional systems and projects the players on Materia, a unique, impenetrable, and perilous world, populated by creatures rising from the most ruthless evolutionary selection, and where the actual challenge is getting through the night to see the next day. 

Xenoscape’s Quickstart, an agile 80-pages booklet that presents the setting, the bizarre races that populate Materia, and the basic rules to quickly run your first adventure right out of the box, will be available for free download on the Kickstarter page.

Inside the Quickstart folder you will also find an adventure made in Officina Meningi, written by Valentino Sergi, lay out by Isacco Saccoman and beautifully illustrations by Aurora Casagrande, Pietro Bastas and Giovanni Salus Lazzari.

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XENOSCAPE is a survival-based post-sci-fi RPG with a primitive and techno-fantasy flavor. Players take on the role of Sentient Beings, the rarest thing on Materia, an alien world immersed in a time ages away from our own, where nature has taken back a planet once heavily colonized by the parasitic hand of the Ancient human Empire, of which nothing but a few sad remains survive today, submerged by a magnificent but terrible biosphere.

With the fall of civilization, most of what used to represent it also collapsed: commerce, the written word, human colonization. 

Today, Materia is a planet where life has flourished over the millennia. Its vibrant geography presents mountain ranges, endless plains, radioactive deserts, crystal forests, local gravitational distortions, toxic rainfalls, and the scarce presence of large water basins. Whether they are clones, sentient trees, gigantic headless monstrosities, or sentient viruses, its inhabitants live through a bizarre life cycle perfectly balanced.


XENOSCAPE has an original system designed to simulate a biological organism; for this reason, while offering an old school approach, it is based on a unique resource-management system, precious and fundamental for survival, and necessary for carrying out remarkable deeds.

These resources represent the energy, the immune defenses, or the nervous system of the characters, and they can be preserved or recovered with rest and, obviously, through nutrition, another primary focus of the game. Temporary changes of specific scores will be indicated on the character sheet using one or more d6 as markers. Other than that, dice will be rolled only on very few occasions, stimulating approaches that rely on tactics when facing conflicts and challenges rather than relying on chance.


Alessandro Rivaroli, the former author of the gritty superhero role-playing game #UrbanHeroes and board games such as Dungeon Digger and Fantasy Pug Quest, is back again behind the game master screen, ready to amaze his audience with this new and outstanding project, developed over years of research and passion for sci-fi, raypunk and primitive worlds. Ideas and concepts from Moebius, Alien, John Carter of Mars, Solaris, and many other masterpieces of science fiction and horror converge in this game. 

Xenoscape is a true declaration of love to both the sense of wonder and the fear we feel every time we look at the unknown that waits to be discovered, out there, somewhere.


To portray the sense of amazement of such a new and mysterious setting, we knew we needed the best artists in the industry and a specialist such as Antonio De Luca (League of Legends, Warner Bros, Fantasy Flight, Magic: The Gathering) to lead the illustrators team. Therefore, you will find artists like Mauro Alocci, Edoardo Campagnolo, Davide De Bellis, Alessandro Paviolo and Jacopo Schiavo, all specialized in an epic and pictorial style that grants the world of Materia the right blend of danger and verisimilitude. 


To create the setting and the Species of Materia, we have made use of the expertise and participation of researchers and professors of biology and science such as Dr. Davide Cavazzini, biologist of the University of Parma, Massimiliano Dall’Argine, naturalist, flora and fauna’s scholar, and insect enthusiast, and Roberto Lazzaroni, Digital Anthropologist and Social Media Manager. Together with other consultants, all of them have allowed Xenoscape to boast one of the most in-depth research ever carried out for a Role-playing Game.

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