Let your patients lay down on the most famous couch of all times and confess their secrets, their obscene fantasies, their most painful traumas… help them find themselves!

Freud’s Bones is the first point&click narrative-driven game to pay homage to the birth of psychoanalysis and its founder, addressing the themes of sexuality and neuroses filled with existential doubts.

Officina Meningi has joined the team of this exciting indie product as marketing manager and Kickstarter consultant!

In the game we will play the role of the Austrian psychoanalyst, tormented by eternal doubts and existential questions, to the point of being possessed by an inner voice that will be none other than the gamers’ themselves.

Freud’s Bones was 100% funded in just 36 hours, becoming immedeately a Kickstarter “project we love”, and in the end the campaign overcome the 300% of its goal thanks to 530 backers. Discover it, follow the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fortunaimperatore/freuds-bones-an-indie-videogame-on-sigmund-freud


Fill in the patient’s medical records with the information you managed to extort after the therapy sessions and start shaping the most bizarre and daring interpretations! Look through Dr. Freud’s original texts and find the analysis’ style that suits you best.

Listen to the patients who crowd your office and investigate the right strategy to reach the core of their existential pain in order to heal them from their symptoms. Every patient is a planet of their own, a whole human being devoured by an inner conflict that, day after day, takes away their life. Listen, scold, comfort and suspect: discover which technique suits you best and reveal deepest secrets, unspeakable dreams, eager desires. Build hypotheses and test your theories.
Remember: light filters through the wounds.

Freud’s Bones is part of IIDEA’s Game to Human (G2H) project, a venture that promotes a better knowledge of video games and their positive impact on gamers and their families’ lives and, more generally, on modern society.